WizCraft- A Harry Potter Minecraft Map

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Most Recent Update

Pre-Version 1.0 (Only Available to Some People)






We currently have a partneship with awesome mod designer TroublesomeTrio.....

Check out the website for his mod at http://hogwartcraft.webs.com/

Project Links



If you have a Server that you would be happy for us to host it on please contact us.


We may get donations set up in a while for you to get extra access and VIP when we get a server set up


This project has been temporarily paused but I am still bringing it back in a few months


WizCraft is a Minecraft Project was designed by peachgardner and is now built by the WizCraft Team. We are building thw whole Wizarding World of Harry Potter but need your help with this massive project. If you would like to join the WizCraft Team please check out the Apply for Staff page.


WizCraft is currently not available to the general public yet but an update will be coming soon

Update Logs

+Added Hogwarts Interior (25%)

+Added Hogwarts Exterior Design (90%)

+Added Grounds Landscape (30%)

+Added Grounds Features (10%)

Future Updates


Version 1.0

-Hogwarts Castle

-Hogwarts Grounds

Version 2.0

Open to Suggestions!